Sunday, September 20, 2009

Argument from Ignorance

Another post about creationists sorry.. hehe.

I was bored this afternoon, so I was browsing through AiG looking for amusing things (I know, it's sad and pretty lame of me) and I stumbled upon this video called 'What is the Best Evidence God Created'. I had high hopes that they were going to have some great piece of evidence that proves the creation myth true once and for all. The first minute or so of the video was just the speaker talking about how he'd been preaching the truth about creation deceiving children for 20 years.
At 1:36 he said "You're able to look up into the heavens, they declare the glory of god".


Really? You make a video called 'What Is the Best Evidence God Created' and that's the first thing you mention? Sure, I realise that your speech was directed at people without any background in science, but come on, that's your best piece of evidence? It's not even evidence! It's just an outlandish claim, that because stars and planets exist, therefore god exists, and he it created them. That Mr. YEC is called a non sequitur.

Lets move on.

After giving the same old tired creationist argument for design about drawings in the sand, which has no bearing whatsoever on how the natural world works he brings up something new (*GASP* SOMETHING NEW ZOMG). He mentions the Weta, the New Zealand native insect. It is interesting to note that he doesn't verbally mention the fact that it is a New Zealand native, because this fact alone is evidence for evolution. 'Native species' are a product of geographical distribution, species that are separated for long periods of time evolve different characteristics to their predecessors, which is how 'native' species arise. It is no surprise then that he doesn't stay long about this detail of the weta. He moves on quickly to how amazing they are, and that they have been around for a long time. Then he mentions that there are many different varieties of Weta (evolution again....) and then says something about how the cave Weta can survive months of being 'frozen' up in the mountains and then boldly asserts "You tell me, how millions of years of random-chance processes is going to cause something like THAT to happen".


"You tell me, how millions of years of random-chance processes is going to cause something like THAT to happen".


This is what is known as an argument from ignorance. You can't get a clearer admission of it than this. This preacher deceiver knowingly admits that he believes the Weta was created because he can't think of how it could have happened otherwise. Not only does he admit the argument is based on his own ignorance, but he completely misunderstands how evolution by natural selection works, we know this by the way he says "random-chance processes". Anyone educated at all in the mechanisms of evolution know that it is not 'random chance'.

I stopped the video there, as I didn't need to hear any more of this guys 45 minute speech about evidence for creationism when his first two main arguments were based upon absurd logical fallacies, the first being a non sequitur and the second being an argument from ignorance.


  1. My logic? Coons exist, therefore, God doesn't. No loving God would create such a creature. kthxbai

  2. I lol'd at above comment.

    Wetas freak me out and need to go diaf (one jumped on my face as a small kid)

    And btw his best "evidence" was the fucking bible which just makes all he said irrelevant and yes I watched the last part.

  3. His best evidence was the bible? What a moron.

  4. Or maybe, what a mormon.

    Not much difference though.