Monday, November 2, 2009

Demonic Candy

A few days before Halloween, the 'Christian Broadcasting Network' issued a warning to parents that Halloween candy had been prayed over by witches and inhabited by demons. Now as you can imagine, a press release this hilarious caused many pundits and bloggers to have a good ol' chuckle away at the fundies over at CBN. Unfortunately the original article has since been removed from CBN's website because of the torrential ridicule they received as a result of it.

Lucky for us Google keeps a cache, so you can still read the article HERE.


  1. I'll take my chances with said demon candy, I mean whats the worst that can happ- *starts speaking in some demonic language*

  2. Reading the article reveals this as another attack on Christianities old nemesis Wikka/Paganism so nothing new here really just them taking another swing at old enemies. :/

  3. It really is a huge joke to everyone except the people who actually believe it. Demon Possessed candy? That's got to be the most ridiculous thing I've heard for a while.

  4. What the hell? Witches praying to the gods, releasing demons and unholy spirits? Curses? I thought christians didnt believe that witches or anything similiar had any power as there is only one true god.. so surely they would have no reason to be concerned? I Guess 'Tolerence' in a christian's dictionary really means 'bitch about and try to stop every activity partaken by others that doesnt match your way of thinking'
    That said, Halloween is pretty retarded

  5. I reckon the only people who actually think witchcraft is real are the loony fundies. Well, perhaps the 0.0001% of the population that are delusional and think they are witches too.

    Actually. Many third world countries still have witch hunts, like in Kenya there were several women burned alive on the side of the road because of witchcraft accusations recently.