Thursday, August 18, 2011

It Seems Dennis Has Been Dealt With

If you've been paying attention to the blogosphere, you may have read that Dennis Markuze has allegedly been taken into custody. After 16 years of spamming message boards, blogs and more recently twitter, sending threats of decapitation, extermination and genocide against skeptics, atheists and scientists he has finally been arrested.

This may give me some motivation to post more regularly, as I have grown increasingly tired of the Dennis spam over the last 18 months. Thanks to a petition to convince Montreal Police to take action, and a victim of Dennis's threats who actually lives in Montreal coming forward, something has finally materialised.

I do not wish ill of Dennis, but only that he gets the help he needs, that man is seriously disturbed.

For a complete explanation of how everything went down head over to Tim Farley's Blog, he even explains how Dennis got started on his psychotic rants.

Canadian News Article on the Arrest
Blag Hag
Montreal Police's tweet about the arrest.


  1. Yay! The internet rejoices!

  2. Yes, we're all rather relieved. I had only been receiving his spam for over a year, while other people have spam that dates back to the mid 90s. If you read that link to Tim Farley's blog (which admittedly is quite long), you'll see that one of the things that caused Dennis' demise was emailing death threats to the Montreal Police Station.