Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog Roll

I recently added a blogroll down the right hand side of the page, so far I have only added a few blogs to it, either of readers of this blog (whose blogs I also read) or other ones that I read frequently.

Some shout-outs/highlights:

In no particular order

krissthesexyatheist recently posted about Christian dominionism, and the strange phenomena among some of its adherents to deny that it exists. He links to a news article on Al Jazeera that is eye opening and quite scary.

Laughing In Purgatory posted about the four reasons why Yahweh is a Super Villain. Highly amusing and entertaining.

Infidel753 wrote about the reasons why liberals and libertarians don't see eye to eye, and expresses some criticisms of libertarianism that I think are quite compelling.

Lady Atheist explains the irony of the very religious 9/11 remembrance sentiments expressed by some people.

If any other readers have blogs let me know and I'll add you to the roll!


  1. Hey guys, funny meeting y'all here. L.A. and Andy are two of my favs. I do go to Infidel753 (if that is your real name), but not as much as Laughing in Purgatory or Lady Atheist. Thanks buddy.