Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fundie Quotes 2

Quote# 70371 is an exceptional example of complete and utter idiocy. It comes from none other than our enlightened friends at AiG

1. If the Bible were not true, logic would not be meaningful. 2. Logic is meaningful. 3. Therefore, the Bible is true.

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Quote# 70078, From 'Rapture in the Air'. This is a prime example of someone who thinks they are saying something nice, yet fails to realise how condescending and pugnacious they are being.

God is using the Disaster in Haiti for his Glory!!! Hallelujah!!!!

I can see this disaster in Haiti being used for Gods glory because I heard from a pastor in Haiti how the people were so poor there they had to eat mud pies now with this disaster the poor people are getting nutritious food they need from all the help they are getting now.

God sure does work in mysterious ways and what the enemy [Satan] used for evil God is now turning around for good and his glory!!!

Praise be to God Almighty how he can turn a disaster into a miracle for the poor people of Haiti!!!

God is so good!!!

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  1. See, what we as atheists don't understand is Christian "logic," which is completely separate from regular logic. We can't confuse the two, because they definitely don't mix.

    Whereas regular logic would say that "mass destruction and death is bad," Christian logic says that "all things work together for the glory of God because he's so important and we're so unimportant." I'll meet logically with them in the middle somewhere and say "Your God is a dick."