Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Fundies: Baby Edition

Here's a video of a baby on stage at a church babbling some nonsense and a whole church is cheering and clapping and shouting stuff about Jesus. Someone has made the effort to put subtitles that resemble the 'words' that the child is saying. The crowd seem to really be getting into the child's 'sermon', shouting out things like "Preach on brother" and "Hallelujah", "Praise Jesus" etc. I sure hope they aren't being serious, because you'd have to completely delusional to get anything meaningful out of the 'sermon'. However I've heard adult Christians say things that make even less sense, when they start praying in 'tongues'. Anyway, it's damned funny. Enjoy.


  1. Bloody hilarious. Watched Jesus Camp last night. This is taking it one step further

  2. How did you find Jesus Camp? Pretty scary stuff eh?

  3. Funny, because I watched Jesus camp just last week. These two things are similar because the kids are told what to think and blindly do because they don't know any better. And you know this kid knows he's getting a reaction out of the crowd and enjoys it - nothing more.

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  5. That little proselytizing Rachael was the scariest. The little blonde bowlcut lad full of doubt and in tears! Wills, Jamie and I were like "it's little KJ!" haha. Just on the looks side of things, the fact that he was doubtful was purely coincidental :D

    I thought that Becky Fischer, while being seriously conservative and annoying was legit and genuine with what she believed to be "good" intentions.

    But seriously, Ted Haggard....

    Having the knowledge that he was on ice and engaging in sexual relations with a prostitute at the same time he was being filmed?

    What a deceitful prick.

    But in conclusion - glad I wasn't homeschooled fullstop, let alone homeschooled in North Dakota

  6. The truly sad thing about this is how children pick up on physical cues from their parents (and moronic church friends) and trust their parents to raise them in the most productive and loving fashion. I would love to see where this kid is in 10, 12, 15 years. See if he looks back at videos of this and says 'What the hell was wrong with me?'

  7. Oh and by the way I keep seeing that DM pop up in different blogs here and there. They're kind of humorous. It's sort of like us reading stories about fundies and then leaving them with actual helpful information....but not, b/c they usually just say we are controlled by Satan and we should be ashamed of ourselves for spreading lies. But it's so much fun!

  8. That's what I too was thinking the whole time watching JC.
    "I wanna see these kids now" Cos I think the footage is from like 2005 or 2006