Thursday, August 12, 2010

NZ Annual Skeptics Conference

This Saturday/Sunday I'll be attending the NZ annual skeptics conference, if any of my readers is interested in attending you still can, it costs $80 or $60 for the unwaged.

Here's a brief outline of the programme

Session 1: Mass Delusions

Session 2: Warts and All: misinformation and adverse events.

Session 3:A Smear Campaign: Responses to 'A History of the "Unfortunate Experiment" at National Women's Hospital'.

Session 4: Nibiru arrghh!! We're all gonna die

Session 5: The demonization of fat:

Session 6: Dealing with wingnuts - which way to turn?

Session 7: Near Zero Inc: a sadly prophetic company name

Session 8: No god ads

Session 9: The science behind the MMR hoax

Session 10: Yet more reasons why people believe weird things

Session 11: A practical guide to analysing psychic readings         

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