Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dissecting Some JW Literature

Some Jehovah's Witnesses stopped by my house a few days ago, and gave me a little pamphlet that says "All Suffering SOON TO END".

Here's a quote.
"At some time in your life, you have likely asked, 'Why all the suffering?'...Will all of this ever end? ... The comforting answer is yes"
The correct answer is no. At least not until either our sun explodes or the universe suffers heat-death.

I'm taking them out of context, but I really don't care. This piece of literature is just one giant faulty premise. Lets start from the beginning - the claim that suffering (and death) began when Adam and Eve sinned. This is slightly problematic, considering that A) Adam and Eve never existed in the first place, and B) 99% of all animals that lived before humans are extinct. This means that there was a whole lot of suffering and death. Every time they make a claim, they just quote something from the Bible, which is probably out of context (they're really good at that). There isn't a single claim on this paper that is grounded in anything that could be considered rational, sane or factual. It's all based on faith and misunderstandings of their own holy book.

TheGoodAtheist wrote in a recent post (talking about religious people) “They have it easy: they can make an infinite amount of baseless claims, and we’re seen as the bad guys for calling them on their bullshit.



  1. In my neighborhood there is a roving team of JW's. If they came to my door, honestly, I wouldn't know how to specifically debunk them. Maybe I'll direct them here. Awesomeness


  2. Everything they say, they'll quote the bible to support it. If you know how to discredit the authority of the bible, you can discredit them on a whim.

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