Monday, September 13, 2010

Ken Ham has a Vacuum for a Brain

What really angers me about Ken Ham and his ilk is that very frequently they target their misinformation at children, for example on the AiG website they have an entire section called kids answers. In this section of their website they take questions from children, (though I'm not even sure about that because Ken Ham has the integrity of a rat), and give them extremely fallacious creationist responses. This particular example is a child asking the question "Why are Stars Millions of Light Years Away?"

Ken Ham responds with an extremely childish answer,  something that I would expect to see in a parody like Monty Python. Anyway, in short his answer is that god created the light already reaching Earth. It is so moronic that I have difficulty finding words that describe precisely how stupid I think Ken Ham is. You know that when they're giving answers like this that they really have nothing intelligible to offer. It's about as viable of an answer as saying "God put the fossils there to test our faith" or "Junk DNA and vestigial organs were created to give the appearance of an evolutionary history" or "The sedimentary layers on earth just give an appearance of age, god created them 6,000 years ago" or "The igneous intrusions into sedimentary rocks that are used to radiometrically date many layers were created with partially decayed radioactive materials to give the illusion that they were laid down sequentially over billions of years". The only reason you don't see creationists spouting lines identical to these ones, is because they have other explanations for these phenomena, the problem is that their explanations are about as coherent as a 2 year old child's first attempt at artwork.


  1. I actually get the AiG newsletter and have the same frustration every week. Miss-information is abusive to the kids and should be seen as such.


  2. It's kinda like when atheists say that we came from slime on crystals that eventually metamorphosed into humans, or when they say that we came from aliens that jizzed on earth along time ago. There is no right answer, there is just where you place your faith, saying that you believe that the science today is correct and you are willing to place your eternal resting place in the hands of ever changing science. Then go for it no one will stop you (some will try). If you want to say that maybe there is a creator, we will call that creator God (don't have to we just do). Then you have faith with a believed living being. One who cares deeply for you(real or not). Now your life just became a little more complete. Your choice love and happiness (when done correctly) or wing it and do what you want with the limited wisdom that you have (or anyone else).

  3. I wonder if I could get some creationist groups to mail me some material for free? Waste a little bit of their money.

    Anon, no it's not kinda like that at all. What you described doesn't even come close to resembling evolution. You also seem to misunderstand the panspermia hypothesis.
    You also seem to not understand the sheer weight of evidence supporting the scientific theories that you so flippantly dismiss.
    Panspermia on the other hand is just a hypothesis, it has no evidence to support it, and I do not adhere to it.

    With my limited wisdom, I've come to the conclusion that your religion is undoubtedly man-made.

  4. I thought it was because "the universe was created with the appearance of age." Which, in other terms, means that at any point, all of history before X time could be a fantasy that God created and told us actually happened.

  5. That's not their position though, AiG literally think that the world looks young, with all their "flood geology" and other garbage.

  6. AiG hardout think what Drew said. If they don't they are true imbeciles.

    It's the classic Age Of Empires analogy.

    Your game begins in

    "Hey! Who built that Town Centre! How old are those trees and forage bushes! How did that lake form!" etc.

    If someone was to believe that the account of Gen 1 is literal then they have no choice but to ascribe to the "God created everything in transit" way of thinking. If they can't get their head around this concept, ask a YEC "If you were to dendrochronologically date the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, how old would it be?"