Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday Fundies: Baffling Ignorance

I tried posting last night, but the homepage was down for maintenance.

Here's a quote I found from the archive. It demonstrates quite well the mindset of the fundamentalist or true believer, who thinks they are right, and doesn't know why. This flawed thinking is also demonstrated in many atheists too, I will freely admit. Those people, though they may be atheists, they are not rationalists or skeptics. My atheism is a result of my skepticism.
Anyway, here's the quote. Enjoy!

Quote# 4243
How is it plausible that languages are evolved??????? it's not possible - evolution does not exist, the Bible says so. Can you prove what you are saying??? I don't think so because you're saying 'i'm right and you're wrong'. Science does not prove me wrong infact the majority of scientists don't believe in evolution.

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  1. You should have put a warning at the top about the levels of Stupid Fail in this quote.