Friday, May 27, 2011

Fuck The Catholic Church

Okay it has just gone way too far. Once again, a catholic priest has been arrested for being part of a pedophile sex ring. The irony of the situation, is that this particular priest Father Riccardo Seppia was in the archdiocese of one of the advisers to the Pope on the ongoing pedophile scandals. He was apparently trying to get a Moroccan drug dealer to get him young boys to molest. He allegedly said “I do not want 16-​year-​old boys but younger. Fourteen-​year-​olds are O.K. Look for needy boys who have family issues,”

People have been making jokes about the Catholic church and it's pedophilic behaviour as long as I can remember, the first one I heard was probably when I was around 6 years old. Nearly 16 years on from then and the allegations are as true as ever. Jokes about it just do not suffice any more, words simply cannot express the contempt and disgust that the Vatican deserves. Here are two songs that appropriately highlight how vile this despicable organisation is.

'By The Way We're Fucking Your Kids' by AHughman08
What he says at the start of the video shows exactly what is wrong with the Catholic Church, they are so deluded by their own self-righteousness, that in their apology for raping children, they compare their critics to Nazi's and then say you'll burn in hell if you disagree with them. To the Vatican: Fuck you.

'The Pope Song' by Tim Minchin
This song contains more 'fuck's than any other song I've ever heard, and every single one is deserved. The last few lines of the song explain why:
"If this mother fucking stupid fucking song offended you
With its filthy fucking language and its fucking disrespect
If it made you feel angry go ahead and write a letter
But if you find me more offensive than the fucking possibility
The pope protected priests when they were getting fucking fiddly
Then listen to me mother fucker this here is a fact
You are just as morally misguided as that mother fucking
Power hungry, self-aggrandised, bigot in the stupid fucking hat"


  1. One of my wife's friends sends her daughter to a Catholic school, and I have to repeatedly restrain myself from diving into a rant over it.

    1. Oh man same here. I would NEVER place my kid into a Catholic environment where there is surely some pedophile clergy...

  2. Hey, do you have a tweet button or the Blogger share buttons on this? In my experience the Blogger buttons work well.

  3. Hmm, I had some on my old layout, I seem to have lost them. I'll have to look into adding some.

    A large majority of my in-laws are Catholic, and one is a monk-in-training.

  4. liar pz


  5. and so many blame the jews for everthing? that makes no sense

  6. That song is HILARIOUS!!!! And so APPROPRIATE!!!! In my VAST experience with the Catholic church, I have been severely unimpressed and continually nauseated. The whole institution is a ridiculous waste of time.

  7. I go to a Catholic University because it is the only University that offers my course that also accepted me. The Uni is ok but it is an embarrassing thing to admit and I am ashamed to be funding the Catholic church.

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