Monday, June 6, 2011

I am Arrogant, and Proud of it

I will admit it, I am arrogant. However, I don't think I'm a superior human being to anyone else or think I'm smarter because I'm an atheist. What I'm arrogant about, is the fact that I care if what I believe is true. I'm arrogant and proud that I'm not scared of accepting that I could be wrong about any given thing. I do not try to be dogmatic, and if I notice myself holding a position that I haven't justified with reason or evidence I will attempt to justify it, if that fails I will modify my position accordingly. I am also arrogant and proud that I have no qualms in acknowledging that I am just as susceptible to faulty logic and reasoning as the next guy, but I try to keep an eye out for it, so I can fix it.


  1. But it all means nothin if you don't have faith in Jeebus, shred.

  2. god is for the poor and helpless who are in seek of comfort in their otherwise miserable lives. I am arrogant, and I am proud of it too. I am a superior human being than all religious believers cuz I have a higher understanding of how the world works. All of you dumbasses fighting for the existence of an entity imagined by humans are retarded. You will never succeed in life and will end up depending on something called "god". What a joke.

    But all of this pointless. I believe in fate, but not because of God or superstition, but because of science. Everyone's fate is determined the moment they are born. Their genetic combinations will determine how they act and grow up in life; even their interactions with other people are determined because those people's fate are determined as well. This is the ultimate truth of life. Anyone who does not believe in it is just inferior than I am.

    I am a super genius with a tested IQ of over 150. I am arrogant and proud of it.