Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh the Stupidity, it HURTS!

While browsing random videos on YouTube, I came across what is perhaps the most retarded creationist video I've ever seen. I found myself staring at the video wide-eyed, frequently shouting "WHAT!?!?!?!" at the screen. The sheer insanity of it made me think that it was a Poe video, but upon investigation it seems legitimate. The video comes from a channel named ppsimmons. The content of the video requires no rebuttal, as anyone with a brain can easily see how utterly absurd the video is.

The video takes some clips from a documentary about evolution, and has written commentary over it. They attempt to criticise the documentary for using incorrect grammar, when in fact there was no mistake made. They criticise the visual representation of the same animal gradually evolving as if that's what evolution actually is. Basically, they're absolute fucking morons, here is the video.


  1. what happened to the OLD SH*THEADS?

  2. What it boils down to is how many unintelligent and condescending remarks the believer can attach to an informative video. Wow. I have lost even more respect for the fundie-loons.

  3. Good grief, that was terrible.

    People really need to avoid pontificating about things they know nothing about.

    " you and I" -- I guess he thought "like" was a preposition rather than a conjunction.

    He's not so good with hypenating compound words, either.

    And he keeps saying "home school" -- yes, I suspect that may be part of the explanation.

  4. I was home schooled till year 8...
    I did heaps of group things (Sports, swimming, languages, singing, instruments, etc etc) with other home schooled children and to be completely honest, the weirdest ones had a religious background. A few so extreme they didn't attend the group workshops.

    Dylan Strachan