Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good Old-Fashioned Christian Hate

I can't remember how, but I managed to stumble upon a video on YouTube posted by drcraigvideos. The video contained a clip from a radio show/podcast by the Christian apologist Frank Turek talking about 'angry atheists' leaving hateful comments on William Lane Craig debate videos. He said something that made me want to leave a comment. He said that he looked at the comments "to see what names were called, or were attributed to Craig and what names were attributed to Hitchens, in other words ad hominen [sic (Yes, he pronounced it hominen)] attacks, insults if you will." I left a comment pointing out that insults and ad hominem attacks were not the same thing. See for yourself what I got in response from drcraigvideos.

I actually thought he was using it as an example, I should have realised from the "3rd option" that he was actually just straight up insulting me. So it seems that this evangelical Christian is just as bad as the trolls who post inflammatory comments on his channel. In fact it's rather ironic that this video was about inflammatory comments, I left a serious comment, was insulted in return, and when I explained my initial comment further, I was insulted again. In fact I think drcraigvideos is even worse than the trolls, because he's a filthy hypocrite.

Just to clarify, the comment I left that is pending approval in the picture was intended to be sarcastic.

EDIT: It seems I'm not alone in my experience with this deplorable character. See here and here for more details.

EDIT 2: I have now been blocked by drcraigvideos. He must be scared of legitimate, civil criticism. What a disingenuous tool.


  1. They blocked you? The true sign of cowardice.

  2. I think my civility must have grated him, as he responded trying to blow off his blatant insult by saying: "I hope our little dialog and my example of calling you an idiot would bear in mind the insurmountable unreasonable crap that William Lane Craig has to go through from hate-filled atheists." The fact that he blocked me after this shows that he must want to wallow in his delusion that all atheists are angry and hate God and his idol William Lane Craig. Let it be known, DrCraigVideos is a hypocritical ass-hat.

  3. The same thing has happened to me on an Orthodox Jewish blog that was posting Creationist babble.

    This is pretty much the way deeply religious people function; they'll talk about how "persecuted" they are till the cows come home, but have no qualms about sinking to any low in order to defend their views.