Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Update on the Occupation

As threats of being arrested kept coming in our numbers slowly diminished and eventually the police outnumbered those inside the clocktower, so we marched with our friends that were supplying us with food and blocking the doors from the outside down to the permanent occupation site in Auckland central.

You can see me in the video during the protest.


  1. Keep it up buddy. here in Sacramento it is small-ish, but it is getting bigger and bigger. Look at the Arab Spring and our bothers and sisters in S. American (10's of 1,000's). You efforts are worthwhile. you friend here in Northern California,


  2. Cheers, I've been trying to convince more people to join the movement, though some of my friends are convinced that the mega-rich people earned their money fairly, which is a bit frustrating. Some of them also think that because they managed to get rich, they should have influence on the political system because 'obviously' they know how money works.