Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fundies

 This one is a quote from a thread debating the infamous creationist film 'Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed'. It's a perfect example of circular reasoning, using the bible to justify the bible, offering bible verses to 'prove' what he said, and then challenging his opponents to prove him wrong 'biblically'. It's possible to justify anything using the bible, which is to be expected since it is a compilation of many different works, by many, many authors. Fundies just don't seem to be able to grasp the mental concept that the bible isn't meant to be taken as literal truth. The truth of the matter is much more complex than their simpleton brains could possibly comprehend.

Quote# 44002

(In the Evolution Debate thread, Wayne keeps trying to prove to us "blind" people that humans are not animals "cuz the bible sez so!)

First,, the bible is the Word of God and the Word of God is Jesus Christ in the flesh....... AND it IS the beginning and the end of all matters. Want the verse that proves it or do you know it? Man is created from the dust of the ground. Show me how I'm wrong biblically.



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  2. Cognitive dissonance, logical fallacy, circular reasoning, the scientific method..what is it that "they" do not understand. Great post, yo.


  3. Wayne said:

    "Show me how I'm wrong biblically."

    Thus he moves the debate into the realm of make-believe. Oh, and he's wrong "biblically" because a magical lost book of the bible that a Shoggoth gave last year says that we are the descendents of slaves created by the Old Ones. Or was the the Necronomicon?