Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bad Service

Went out to a cafe for Mothers Day with all the family, we'd booked in advance so the Cafe knew we were coming and knew there were 13 of us. We waited an hour for coffee, and they screwed up 1/3 of the orders bringing out the wrong drinks, wrong sizes etc. It took another 45 minutes after the coffee was brought out before the first meals were brought out and the last meals were brought out long after the first meals had been consumed.
The food would have been great, if it hadn't been luke warm, served on plates that were only room temperature, and served over the span of almost an hour. It was obvious that the chef could cook, but whoever it was has no fucking clue how to manage a cafe or serve more than 2 people at once. It really makes me wonder why some people get into the food industry in the first place.

The name of the Cafe was Jacaranda, I don't really recommend going there.

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