Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Something that also really annoys me is the idea of relativism. Whether it be religious relativism, ethical relativism or some other kind or spiritual cultural shenanigan. It's stupid!

Well perhaps relativism isn't exactly the right word, and perhaps it's only the religious side that I hate.

Anyway... The idea that "what works for you is good" is one of the stupidest ideas ever. When it comes to something like religion which makes claims about the nature of the world and how things work and why, if you're wrong, you're wrong. Simple as that. If you say that the world is flat, you're wrong, and chances are your whole religion is wrong, which means that it doesn't "work" for anybody.

I'll try and put it clearer. You can NOT have it both ways, you can't say "whatever works for you" and then plough ahead and make preposterous claims about the world and the universe. Now some people don't accept relativism and I respect that, even if you believe some ridiculous things like reincarnation, ESP, psychics, nirvana, 6000 year old universes, evil vegetables or unclean pigs.

I'll have to think some more to decide whether or not this applies to other kinds of relativism.

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