Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cringe-worthy Ignorance

I was browsing YouTube and I came across this video, parodying the Mac vs. PC ads, but instead it was Creationism vs. Evolution. I just have to ask a question (somewhat rhetorical, but if you have an answer go ahead), is un-laugh a word? because The video that linked me to this one made me laugh, it was a parody of Christian vs. Atheist, and as soon as I clicked onto this video and heard the words come out of their mouths, I instantaneously lost all sense of humour, and a blank stare was plastered on my face, and my jaw nearly hit the desk.

Well, here's the video if you want to numb your brain with Creationism babble.


  1. isn't creation a theory too? because we can't prove it.

    this makes me angry... getting trolled imo..
    the word your looking for is "sage" its the opposite of bump...

    sage this video sage sage sage

    Dylan Strachan

  2. Creationism isn't a theory, it's not even a hypothesis. A theory in science is a mechanism for explaining facts. Theories don't get elevated to the status of fact, they explain them.
    The Theory of Gravity.
    Germ Theory of Disease.
    The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.
    These things aren't unproven speculations, they are well supported theories that have withstood all scrutiny to this day.

  3. I think the opposite of laugh is *facepalm*. Don't forget the asterisks.

  4. Can I get a link to the funny one? I think I need it after that.

  5. "Creationists make it sound like a "theory" is something you dreamt up after being drunk all night." ~ Isaac Asimov

    Yes, totally had the blank stare going on watching that...

  6. soo if creation isn't a theory because it has no facts... what is it? from my understanding people I've met bag evolution for being a theory... soo evolution may not be true so in their heads they think Creation is right...

    dylan strachan

  7. Creationism/Intelligent Design, is just an unsupported pseudoscience, it is unfalsifiable and untestable. It's just straight up bullshit.

    From wikipedia:
    "In the sciences, a scientific theory (also called an empirical theory) comprises a collection of concepts, including abstractions of observable phenomena expressed as quantifiable properties, together with rules (called scientific laws) that express relationships between observations of such concepts. A scientific theory is constructed to conform to available empirical data about such observations, and is put forth as a principle or body of principles for explaining a class of phenomena."

    The things I bolded are in direct conflict with creationism. All observable phenomena contradict creationism, and creationists intentionally ignore or twist data to fit their delusion. It's completely unscientific nonsensical bullshit.