Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Greatest Hoax?

The imbeciles over at Creation Ministries International have managed to get one of their lackeys to conjure up a book responding to Richard Dawkins' "The Greatest Show on Earth : The Evidence for Evolution", and they've called it "The Greatest Hoax on Earth : Refuting Dawkins on Evolution". The introduction to the book is available at the link I provided. I read this introduction yesterday, and a large part of it is spent personally criticising Dawkins himself, so my hope for the rest of the book is very dim indeed. Most, if not all of the evidence Dawkins provided in TGSOE is undeniable and irrefutable so I'm not quite sure what Jonathan Sarfati could possibly say. The evidence covered in TGSOE includes evidence from selective breeding and domestication, fossils, embryology, geographic distribution, comparative anatomy and genetic evidence. Dawkins even covers some common misconceptions about evolution, spends some time expressing his discontent with creationists, and even explains in some detail how radiometric dating works, which is how we know the age of the earth. Jonathan Sarfati is a young earth creationist with a Ph.D in chemistry. So he's obviously very intelligent, but it is likely that his intelligence is very selective and he has never studied geology or biology, so why he is writing a book trying to refute a biologist in his own field of expertise is beyond me.


  1. I think he should call the book "The Greatest Hoax on Earth" and leave it at that. Honesty is, after all, a Christian virtue, right?

  2. I want you to read it and critique it. Straight up.

    That intro talks it up enough. It must be good :D

  3. this is a perfect example of how a fool thinks...
    wright a review without even reading it!
    it appears to me, your mind is already made up regardless of what the facts may be...

  4. I've read enough creationist material that I've likely heard everything that he's going to say before.

  5. There is also a book called "The Dawkins Delusion", not sure who it's by found at the university library sadly.

  6. I believe that's by Alister McGrath.