Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Fundies

Here's a good one. This is a perfect example of what many creationist types do when confronted with data that contradicts their beliefs, they resort to making shit up. Fundies have a special talent, an ability to melt your brain with their monotonous array of inanity. I think I should point out if any fundie stumbles across this, that both the Flood story and the Tower of Babel are considered by intelligent theologians as being mythical stories. The point behind their conception by the authors of the Old Testament was to convey the message behind it, not to tell a literal account of true events.

Quote# 70794

[In answer to a question as to why there are no water stains in cave walls if there was a global flood]

It's likely the sea stains were erased just after the Tower of Babel. Sea stains are a form of language and it would have been confounded like everything else.

how are they considered language? well they convey meaning and anything (that is everything) conveys meaning in the universe. So it really does not matter if you do the research or not, if sea stains aren't found it's due to CONFOUNDATION not because they were never there.


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  1. Well, it's more creative than "Satan is hiding the evidence" or "the atmosphere was different during that time." At least non-repetitive bullshit keeps things interesting.