Thursday, March 24, 2011

Atheism is not a Worldview!

I made another video, this time discussing one of the most idiotic theistic misconceptions about atheism.


  1. This is not only a misconception held by theists, but also by many atheists, especially those who think that atheists are downtrodden or pushed aside in mainstream theist American society, and most of all by atheists who claim we are losing out if no atheists get elected to public office.

    Since, as you correctly claim, atheism is not a worldview, then atheists are not downtrodden for what we choose not to believe. We CAN however be singled out and have power used against us for what we DO believe, if it's rationalism, naturalism, dialectic materialism, or whatever the actual worldview we hold that has led us to atheism.

    Since, as you correctly claim, atheism is not a worldview, then there is no political stand that an atheist can take that a theist cannot take and that many theists have taken. Focusing on the only political topic that might be considered "exclusive territory" of atheists - separation of church and state - we can see that, in reality, all progress in that area, and there has been much, has be made by THEIST politicians, from the writers of the 2nd amendment onwards.

    1. Thanks for the comment Michael.