Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fundies: Evolution!

Since I haven't posted a Friday Fundies post in months (I used to post one nearly every single week!), I thought I'd reward you with two great quotes from the FSTDT (Fundies Say The Darndest Things) archives relating to evolution.

Quote# 4101

Evolution is theory, not science, and any theory that says nothing times nothing equals everything is flawed from the outset.

From RaptureReady

Quote# 71902

Don't be bothered by all the idiots defending evolution. They have their heads in the sand and don't realise they have been brain-washed - the scientific establishment has bullied Intelligent Design scientists into silence, however there are millions of scientists who firmly believe that God created life. People have a blind un-questioning faith in evolution, it is their god, and it takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in anything else!


It always astounds me how proud these people are of their ignorance. They parrot apologists as if they are authorities, and then claim that the people who actually have some understanding of the subject are brain-washed. I used to be in the same position as them, but the cognitive dissonance eventually got the better of me. I eventually felt the neccessity to actually understand evolution. What I discovered astounded me, I had actually been the credulous idiot. I was the one who was brain-washed. Once that realisation smacked me in the face it didn't take long for me to change my position on that matter, though letting go in belief in God took significantly longer.


  1. There are millions of scientists?

    Is that correct? I thought there were only several thousand, or perhaps hundreds of thousands. Not millions.

    There are millions of scientists who firmly believe that God created life?

    There might be few dozen of these fake scientists but they all work for Bible colleges and they're too busy praising their dead Jeebus to contribute anything to biology.

    "I'm an Atheist who used to be a fundamentalist Christian."

    You used to be an idiot but now you're normal. Congratulations, you had what it takes to cure your disease.

    Perhaps some people are born with defective and/or tiny brains so they remain gullible morons their entire lives while everyone else easily throws out the indoctrination.

  2. WRONG

  3. Human Ape, that was from the fundy quote. There aren't millions of scientists, let alone millions who believe gods created life.

    I thought you weren't coming back here again?

  4. I'm Atheist who proved that god(s) can't exist and here is my proof....

  5. I want rest of the World to know my theory and fellow athiets like you should help me out.