Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Case for a Creator - Indoctrination Edition

It has recently come to my attention that everyone's favourite lying apologist Lee Strobel has gone into the business of indoctrinating children. He has rewritten his two most popular books for children to read (This happened in 2006, I just never heard about it).

The Case for a Creator: Indoctrination Edition
I had the displeasure of skimming through a copy of 'The Case for a Creator: For Kids' and to be honest, there isn't much to say about it. It is so stripped back that there is barely any content. Each chapter that was originally 30-50+ pages in the original has been reduced to 5-10 of large font with double spacing. While much of the convoluted reasoning has been gone, and he no longer spends two pages talking up his "source" of the information, the main point of the propaganda is still there. "The big bang doesn't sound very scientific", (not exact quotes by the way), and "Michael Behe, a respected biochemist" are the sorts of things he says. The book is filled with half-truths and lies.

The part of the book that I have the biggest beef with is the chapter on intelligent design. I'm absolutely sick of this creationist nonsense. Evolution passed the litmus test of credibility a long time ago, and is an established scientific fact. The sooner they stop lying and making shit up the better, and for crying out loud, stop lying to children who don't know any better. Indoctrination is what you resort to when you know you won't win any other way.

For a thorough debunking of the original version of 'The Case for a Creator' visit or


  1. How can that be a bad book? Look! It has test tubes!

  2. come see the LAST!