Tuesday, March 29, 2011

S.E. Cupp Haunts Me

S.E. Cupp is Stupid
S.E. Cupp is an idiot
I made one single post about S.E. Cupp, yet a significant portion of search engine traffic to my blog comes from search terms related to her. What could possibly be the cause of this? Is there some kind of unhealthy obsession with her that I haven’t stumbled upon until now? I don’t see her mentioned a whole lot on Reddit, Youtube or on other blogs. In my mind she’s already a has-been, but it seems some people disagree.

I guess S.E. Cupp has a certain appeal that no one else has, she’s attractive, she's an atheist, and she is popular on Fox News. As I mentioned in my other post about her, if she’s really an atheist, she’s not a very good one (am I allowed to say that?). She claims to want to have faith, and hopes that she finds faith in the future. Why anyone would think that faith is a good thing is beyond me. I think she’s completely moronic, but it just goes to show that having good looks and no brains is the fastest way to fame, or infamy in this case.


  1. in your room where time stands still...

  2. From my experience people claim to have faith to make themselves seem like a better person. She is probably a full on Atheist (is you can say it, I can) but since she is seen in the media and wants to appear as a better person, faith is an easy peaceful way to do this (the uneducated public think Western Religion + Buddhism is peaceful and happy). My evidence/question to you is why do all the Presidents seem to have Christian beliefs and use God in their speeches??? They can't ALL be religious... its just seen as being a "better" human.

    Dylan Strachan

  3. That's a really good point Dylan. Many of the earlier U.S. presidents were not Christians, like Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington among a few others, but since the religious revival in response to the perceived threat of communism during the cold war, America has been very 'Christiany'. This was when they added 'under God' into their pledge of allegiance and added "In God we Trust" onto their currency.

    I really despise faith, it's so.. vapid.. Why praise people for believing in things without evidence?

  4. I think that if a president was not Christian they would lose votes.

    I dislike it as well. Our newest culture is to stay open minded. We can believe in whatever we want to, but under these rules we have to accept people believing in whatever they want... no matter how stupid it seems. Fuck You PC!

    Dylan Strachan