Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anonymous Comments

Ok, you know who you are.
All you church people on my facebook who read my blogs and are trying to convert me back to god. Not all of you though, just the ones who leave anonymous comments.

I ask just a few things.

1) Stop posting stupid comments
2) Post relevant comments, not something random that had nothing to do with the original post. For example, the person who started going on about miracles in my blog post about creationists ignorance towards science.
3) If you're not embarrassed by what you're writing, then leave your name. I'm still the same person, and I'm probably still your friend, but if you post anonymously I will not respond to you as a friend.
4) If you are scared of confrontation you may continue posting as anonymous, but please follow the first two criteria.
5) I like lists.


  1. Hurr Durr I like to post anonmously cause its teh interwebz

  2. YYYYEEEEAAAAHHH! Bloody well name yourselves you cowards! Have some %#@!ing courage and accountability!!! SHEESH!! I don't understand why people can't just sign in and name themselves...


  3. We are anonymous. We are legion.

  4. I can prevent anonymous comments you know.

    In some strange way I enjoy seeing people post retarded comments trying to convince me of their retarded views.

  5. "We are anonymous. We are legion."

    That is the most retarded thing to say. get off 4chan

  6. you should want anonymous comments, they spur philosophical arguments and discussions without things getting personally heated.

  7. Sometimes they spark an interesting conversation, but the majority have been moronic.