Wednesday, August 26, 2009

International Copyright Restrictions

Okay this is something that has really frustrated me for the last few months.
I created my youtube account on the 12th May 2006. Last year for the first time I saw the phrase "This video is not availiable in your country due to copyright restrictions", but it was on a music video for some lame pop song (probably Britney Spears or something....). But recently, one of my favourite subscriptions on my youtube account Pennsays (a video blog by the magician/comedian/skeptic Penn Jillette) is now showing up with this phrase on every one of his videos.
Penn Jillette was being sponsored by Crackle, a subsidiary of Sony to post his video blogs, and for some strange reason, Sony decided that no one outside of the U.S.A. was allowed to watch Penn's Vlogs anymore.

If something isn't done about this corporate control over the internet, it will no longer be called the World Wide Web but rather the American Wide Web. and all of us here in the rest of the world will go "AWW, freakin corporate america I hate you!"

Just a bit of a rant, but Internet Neutrality is a serious issue and is more important than you may think..

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