Monday, August 31, 2009

New Zealands shocking internet

Since the storm in Auckland last wednesday, my (and a few others I know) internet connection has been wreaking havoc with my sanity. Millisecond disconnects that stop a page/video/image from loading, bad latency with speed test servers, game servers, voice chat and even a long delay when trying to get websites to load.
I'm just venting my frustration in writing, it makes me feel better.

I'll have to call up my ISP tomorrow, just to wait for 2 hours on hold and have them ping my IP address and tell me that everything is fine, when I bloody well know something is seriously wrong, A copper wire somewhere is probably fried.


  1. And the fuck does this have to do with christfags being stupid?

  2. Just telecom being fail again no surprizes here /rollseyes

  3. try living out in the Waitakeres... my mum wants to be her own ISP.. can you gimme a little more info on how she would do this.