Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Any Questions/Requests?

If anyone has any questions regarding my past belief, current unbelief or the transition between the two, please post it in the comments section. Also, if anyone has any requests for topics/ideas that you want me to write about, please post them in the comments section too.

I would also like to put out an offer to have a serious discussion about any of the issues that I've blogged about or anything vaguely relating to any of them. Either send me a message (you know where to find me) or post a comment letting me know how to contact you.


  1. Ugh. I had an *awesome* idea for you to look into a while back, but I've completely forgotten it at the moment. If/when I remember, remind me to tell you, k?

    (By this, I mean a serious one, not just another nigger joke.)

  2. Oh cool, I look forward to it.

  3. Ah.... this isn't the idea I had before, but might be worth going into... you see, the bible says God is omniscient ("knows everything", for the Christians among us who are too stupid to understand complicated words), in terms of past, present *and* future. Now, wouldn't this mean he would've known Lucifer would turn evil, and cause trouble to humans that he supposedly loved... yet still went ahead and made them?

    I'm sure you can get something awesome out of that. Even the Christians have a hard time answering that one - I certianly know that all of Paul, Sarah, Murray and Andrew had to think hard to come up with what must've been junk (since I don't remember it) when I threw that one at them a while back.

  4. Yeah sure I'll have a look at that idea tomorrow.

  5. Haha *yay Northwest* :D