Friday, March 19, 2010

Ray Comfort Makes Leather Jackets

Apparently before Ray Comfort became an evangelist he used to hand-make leather jackets as an occupation. One of his colleagues didn't believe him that he could still make them, so Comfort set about making that colleague a leather jacket. Comfort then made one for Richard Dawkins, though I don't think Dawkins has contacted Comfort about receiving his Jacket yet, seeing as he has been in New Zealand for a speaking tour promoting his latest book, and in Australia attending the Global Atheist Convention. I'm not sure Dawkins will even respond to Comfort though.

Anyway, onto the point of this post. Ray Comfort has said that he will be periodically making these jackets to give away to atheists at his blog. So, if you're an atheist and would like to get in the draw to win a leather jacket hand-made by Ray Comfort himself, keep an eye out on his blog for when the next jacket is ready to give away.

Heres the link to Ray's blog.