Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dugg up an article on Homeopathy

So I was browsing Digg the other day and I came across This Article on homeopathy. The article contained all the usual criticisms of homeopathy, saying that it's unscientific, relies on placebo effect etc. But the most interesting part of the article was this Diagram.

You can click the image to show a larger version of it, but the diagram basically has a blue arrow pointing to one molecule out of 14,000 in the container that is of the active ingredient that makes the homeopathic remedy. I also then has a few interesting captions around it. I'll just write them out here.

"In a homeopathic solution that contains 14,000 molecules and has been diluted to a tpyical 30C, you will likely have to hunt through more than 1,000 bottles to find a single molecule of the original substance."


"In a vial of homeopathic sulphur pills at 30C strength, there's significantly more chance of winning the lottery (1 in 14 million) than there is of finding a single molecule of sulphur..."

When looking at the numbers relating to homeopathic remedies, it seems pretty plain to me that homeopathy is completely bogus. Perhaps I'll do another post explaining more about homeopathy if anyone is interested.


  1. People believe in homeopathy for the same good reasons they believe in Jesus.


  2. Richard Dawkins made an interesting doco about all this alternative health bull.

  3. Thanks for the link, I feel compelled to watch it, even though it's already midnight..