Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fundie college students visit Natural History Museum

The prominent Fundie College called Liberty University, requires its biology students (who are taught young earth creationism in class) to attend the Natural History Museum in Washington every year. I find this highly amusing, as at the NHM, there are many displays of plainly stated, irrefutable evidence for evolution. This article shows how wilfully ignorant these students are of the facts.

When observing a model of perhaps the oldest known mammal ancestor, one student said "210 million years, that's arbitrary. They put that time to make up for what they don't know" another student said "There is no scientific, biological genetic way that this, this rat, could become you". Sorry to break it to you people, but it's not arbitrary, it is a number based upon more evidence than you'll ever see in your entire university career. To the second student, yes it is possible, and every single piece of evidence confirms this.

It baffles me that people can walk out of that pathetic excuse for a university with a real qualification, and some might end up becoming doctors (I sure hope not). Imagine that, a doctor that doesn't believe in evolution. How is he going to explain anti-biotic resistant bacteria to his patients? Is he simply going to tell them that God made the bacteria resistant to Penicillin because they didn't finish their course of it?

The good news is, as far as I can tell, this is a fairly isolated occurrence, and is the largest university of this kind by a long shot, with around 12,000 students each year. That seems like a frighteningly large number, but when you think of the millions of students at secular universities around the world, it pales in comparison.


  1. 12,000 is exactly 12,000 too many. Having your beliefs is one thing, I respect that... but when your beliefs include absurd claims about reality and begin to corrupt our progress... you should have enough brains and humility to either shed your beliefs, or keep them out of the way.

  2. This article is so... sad.

    "210 million years, that's arbitrary. They put that time to make up for what they don't know"
    - How about reliable dating methods?

    "There is no scientific, biological genetic way that this, this rat, could become you,"
    - How about small gradual changes over millions of years? I don't think you can fully grasp that concept.

    "In order to be the best creationist, you have to be the best evolutionist you can be,"
    - Irrefutable logic.

    "Adam and Eve: 'I feel they were real people, they were the first people.'"
    - All good scientists rely on their feelings and not hard facts. Good to know this is the state of Christian educators.

    "I pray that you help me to teach effectively and help the students to learn and defend their faith"
    - We can tell how well that's working by the aforementioned thorough rebuttals of the entire evolutionary theory.

    "Creationism and evolutionism have different ways of explaining the evidence. The creationist way recognizes the importance of Biblical records"
    - Science: facts, laws, explanations, tests, peer-review
    - Creationism: Goddidit

    "carbon-dating techniques that have been used to suggest the Earth is in fact billions of years old are simply not reliable"
    - Because we use carbon dating to date the EARTH.

    "it can be difficult to convince people to take [Creationists] and [their] beliefs seriously."
    - That's probably because...

    "The attitude is when you are a creationist you are ignorant of the facts"
    - Just replace 'attitude' with 'reality'.

    You have to wonder how this university is accredited at all. I mean, at least Pensacola Christian College implicitly acknowledges that they don't match up to everyone else's standards. These guys are just full of pompous BS.

  3. I really do wonder how they are accredited too. Considering their entire science school basically spits in the face of the last 150 years of scientific progress.

  4. So the next time I see any academics hanging on my doctors wall from this college I'm going to laugh my way out their door and into a real doctors office cause I could never take them seriously.

    Also I like "Goddidit" just because its kinda like "Awizarddidit" anyone that frequent the WoW forums will get this refrence.

    ~David H

  5. Sigh. The second student was so close to being right for once, had he been referring to today's rats. What a pity.

  6. The second students statement just shows his complete ignorance about the evolution of mammals.