Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It seems Texas is worse than feared

The Republican history revisionists on the Texas State Board of Education, the same state board that recently had an election and the maniacal young earth creationist was unelected (is that even term to use?) has undergone a huge revision of American history in their latest textbook ploy. They have removed Thomas Jefferson from their curriculum. Thomas Jefferson is perhaps the single most influential American ever. He was one of their founding fathers, he was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and was the third President. He was an avid freethinker, deist, and was one of the geniuses behind the separation of church and state that allows Americans today the religious freedom that they currently enjoy, I mean damn, they can even be young earth creationists! If I had my own country, I would ban YECism......

They are replacing Thomas Jefferson in the curriculum with John Calvin. So they're removing perhaps the most patriotic American politician ever, and replacing him with a 16th century French theologian? After hearing so much pissing and moaning from right-wingers about "liberal bias" in education, the Republicans have shown that they are complete hypocrites, by essentially trying to change American history to the way they want to see it.

Above all, they decided not to include in the curriculum the fact that their constitution prohibits the government from promoting one religion of another, and instead decided to tell students that the U.S.A is a Christian nation, which it most certainly is not.

If you'd like to read more details of what has actually been changed and how bad it really is, Check of this blog post by the Atheist Community of Austin, Texas.


  1. At least of all places in the south its in Texas. Chances are they will all die out of cholesterol induced heart attacks before they can corrupt the next generation too badly.