Monday, June 14, 2010

All-in-one Fundy Websites

There seems to be a trend among fundies to make websites that have nearly their entire website all on one page. They tend to have really spastic formatting with big bold letters right next to really small phrases, in odd colours, with pictures everywhere on a monotonous background. It is virtually impossible to take a look at the entire page without getting some kind of eye-injury.

This is a perfect example of these sites.

Nearly every kind of Christian paranoid-delusion imaginable is all on this one page.
  • 9/11 Conspiracies
  • Bible Translation Conspiracies
  • Communism fear-mongering
  • Muslim Fear-mongering
  • Atheist bashing
  • Rock music paranoia
  • Abortion propaganda
  • Lots of rhetoric about Satan
  • General propaganda
  • Catholic bashing
  • Delusional fantasies about the anti-christ
  • Demonizing Charles Darwin
  • Evolution bashing
  • Creationist propaganda
  • More conspiracy theories
  • Noah's ark myths
  • Hellfire and Brimstone
  • Gay Bashing
  • Propaganda relating to drugs and alcohol
The list of insanity could go on for a while longer but I think you get the point. These people are fucking crazy.  I might continue to do posts about these kinds of people, not in any kind of serious critique, because they certainly don't deserve anything like that. I'll just find the most insane statements from them, post them on here and just laugh.


  1. Okay so I clicked the link and was floored by the website. Anybody find it ironic that they are clearly anti-evolution, yet the background is star systems? I dunno, I find that a touch hypocritical.

  2. Ok that was painful. But after about 30 seconds or so i could start to pick out individual things. Some typical 'flag-waving inbred hick southern states stuff' .. and they look to be anti - catholic, which is interesting.