Sunday, June 27, 2010

If you had any doubt about DM

After seeing his website you should have none left.

He is quite possibly the most horrible spammy person I've ever had the displeasure of coming into (some form of) contact with. I sincerely hope that for the next 50-80 years (something like that) that I have on earth I never have to meet a person like this deluded sycophant.

Here is the link to his website.

His name is Dennis Markuze, he is a former computer salesman from Montreal, Canada. He sometimes goes by the alias Dave Mabus. He has had his internet privileges revoked by ISP's in the past for sending death threats and spamming. My post previous to this one is evidence that he is still up to the same. If anyone has some way or some suggestions in how I obtain his current IP address or ISP so I can contact them to inform them of his dangerous behaviour please tell me. If that fails, contacting the Canadian government health-service and inform them of this highly erratic and potentially dangerous person. He needs to be institutionalised.


  1. He hasn't updated his website since April of '09 so I guess he realized nobody read it or cared. I take it he's just been spamming all of the comments sections of those on the Atheist Blogroll? At least I haven't been hit by the DM tsunami yet. :-P

    Though if I was, I'd always leave one comment up just so that people can see how stupid the opposition can be sometimes. It's amazing that he even knows how to use a computer with the non-statements that come out of his mouth.

  2. He's been spamming blogs by skeptics and atheists for around 3 years now. Full time. He's obviously on some form of welfare from the Canadian government, I'm guessing it's the sickness benefit.

  3. There are a seriously limited number of ISPs in Canada. Each region has specific ones as well. So if you can nail down his location, google internet services in X city and you will likely get a very short list (like 5 or less).