Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Just Don't Understand..

.. how the minds of creationists work. In fact, even though I used to be one myself, I can't understand how the mind of a fundie works. For example, they take something like the Bible, which they hold to be true regardless of evidence, derive some obscure date for the creation of the world based of incomplete genealogies which are utterly ridiculous and implausible, and base their entire belief system around that. Every piece of evidence that comes in is example through the coloured-glasses of YECism.

I was looking to see what our favourite people over at AiG had to say about human history before 4000 B.C.E. but they never really mentioned that specifically, but I did find their article on the Creation Date of 4004 B.C.E. I'm trying really hard to try and see this issue from their perspective but I'm really struggling to refrain from simply calling them brain-dead, and comparing their intelligence levels to that of pond-scum. Ok.... Back on track....

They don't seem to give any justification for accepting the age of the earth as 4004 B.C.E. at all. They describe how Bishop Ussher arrived at the date, but not a single piece of corroborative evidence. The entire idea rests upon the supposition that the biblical genealogies are true and accurate, and that the genesis creation account is a literal history of the earth. Both of these notions are shown to be false from all aspects of inquiry, real biblical scholars accept that the bible is not a history book, and science has shown us that every single piece of the creation story is wrong.

Ok I've lost track of where I'm going with this because my brain is being destroyed trying to think in creationist shoes.

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  1. "Is there any way that we can verify Ussher’s date for creation?"

    Yes, please! Do some real research!

    "There is a passage in Amos that is quite interesting."


    Of course, their conclusion: "Ussher had logical and historically valid reasons for arriving at the year, and even his proposed beginning date of creation."

    And I have logical and historical proof that the day of creation was actually yesterday. Assuming that the piece of paper I found on my floor was the infallible word of His Noodliness.