Sunday, June 13, 2010

Answers in Genesis Fail

I'm seriously beginning to wonder if Young Earth Creationists are actually mentally impaired. I can not think of any other explanation for why they could be so unbelievably imbecilic. On this page here, designed to explain the existence of dinosaurs to children, they write the following statements.

"Dinosaurs were created about 6,000 years ago on Day 6 with the other land animals AND with people..."

 "...The sauropods were the largest dinosaurs ever discovered. They weighed up to 100 tons (91 m. tons), were up to 138 ft. (42 m) tall..."
"...Dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark. God sent at least two of each air-breathing, land-dwelling animal..."
The mental ability to recognise when two things are incompatible must be completely absent in the minds of these cretins. Sauropods were simply massive, to suggest that many of them would have been on the ark along with the other several billion species of animals to ever exist is so retarded that I'm getting a headache trying to imagine what goes through their heads.

I have heard some creationists try and dodge the bullet of massive dinosaurs by saying they took the eggs of these dinosaurs, or that they took young dinosaurs not fully grown ones. The problem with the eggs is that it completely ignores the narrative text that they pulled their inane belief from in the first place. Young sauropods were no doubt also rather large, in fact the eggs of the largest sauropods possibly weighed up to a tonne themselves.


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  2. Above comment summary:

  3. Yeah pretty much. I only approved his comment so I could make fun of it, because he is literally fucked in the head. It's actually quite sad. I get comments like this one (they're always different) on a regular basis, and it is the reason why I have comment moderation on, but his comments are the only ones I ever reject, because he is mentally unstable as you can probably tell from his train of thought. He needs professional help.

  4. Man, that guy makes even Scientologists look sensible.

  5. Its funny because the sample of 'PZ myers garbage' is actually pretty interesting. Except its too long. I wana see what the guy that posted this looks like.. He must actually be insane, half those sentences look like the kind things a mental person would yell in an institution..

  6. I read PZ Myer's blog every day lol.

  7. Ahh man, that article he linked on Pascals wager is so F**king annoying! You can use all the analogies you want, it won't make your argument stronger.. And it uses the assumption that those who have faith will do good things while those who do not are bad... I may be an atheist but that does not mean i will be evil, FFS..