Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm Confused Now...

I just received some more comments from Dennis saying things like "atheism is going to cost you your life..."
and "you DIE, fucker..." but the source of these comments isn't Montreal, Canada like his previous comments were. These comments originated from the U.S.A. I'm not sure which state though, and my statcounter didn't provide me with that information.
Here is the approximate location of the source of the comments. (look for the red dot on the North American continent)

Compared to his previous location which was here.

The new IP address he posted from was, which is an IP address registered to the ISP America Online. The screen resolution, browser version and operating system were identical to his previous posts, and the Blogger account used was the same (DM) so I'm fairly certain that they were both posted from the same computer.


  1. Don't think so because Proxies don't do cookies properly as far as I know. This was done with the same computer as the previous comments were, because the tracker uses cookies to figure out who has been to the page before and tells me that it is a "return visit"

  2. True, SOME don't, but there's plenty out there that do them just fine.

  3. don't worry, we just wanted to give you a little FRIGHT!

    we are going to have MERCY on you...

    repent and turn to GOD if you want to live!

  4. I'm not frightened.
    "Repent if you want to live" sounds a lot like "repent or die" which is still a threat in a way, just not explicit. So you're still doing the whole conversation thing all wrong. At least your comment fits on a single page now though, carry on like this and you might never get your comment deleted again!

  5. I like to type like THIS.

    Because i THINK it somehow emphasises my points.

    And give my idiotic RANTS more impact...

    When really it makes me look like a RETARD!