Wednesday, July 14, 2010

S.E. Cupp is the Worst Atheist Ever

If you haven't heard of S.E. Cupp, you're missing out on some epic facepalm action. She's what you get when you cross Glenn Beck with Sarah Palin, wave a magic wand and turn it into an atheist.
Here's a picture of her.

Anyway. She's written this book called 'Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity' and has been seen all over the news promoting it. Here's a clip of her on Bill Maher's show making a fool of herself. Here's her being interviewed over the phone on The Young Turks sounding like a complete ignoramus. So S.E. Cupp is a dipshit and I'm going to make fun of her.

Basically her whole deal is that she thinks that the 'liberal media' is making a concerted effort to ridicule and destroy religion, particularly Christianity in America. She provides a small number of very weak examples of this, including things like religious people protesting against gay rights. She seems so incredibly fake that it doesn't seem unlikely that this whole atheist fa├žade is just a ploy she's using so that in 10 years time she can turn around and say "Hey look atheism is wrong, I was one, and now I'm a fundamentalist Christian!". This is an elaboration on the evangelism technique employed by Kirk Cameron when he says "I used to be an atheist". The only difference is that S.E. Cupp seems to actually know what an atheist is. Kirk Cameron just seems to use it to refer to his irreligious childhood (he became a fundy when he was a young teenager). Kirk Cameron isn't the only fundy who uses this as some kind of argument for his position being correct, the infamous YouTube fundy 'shockofgod' mentions it every time he talks to an atheist.

So besides Ms. Cupp's very weak assertion that the liberal media is attacking Christianity she doesn't make a very convincing atheist. Here's some quotes from this interview with S.E. Cupp.

"I haven't closed the door on faith, it just hasn't found me yet"
"I'm an evolutionary believer, I believe that science has answered that question adequately enough. For me."
"I really aspire to be a person of faith one day"
"I am, but I'm not a militant atheist, I've never really understood the angry atheist"
"I'm envious of the faithful, so I defend the faithful, especially the Christian-Right in America at every opportunity I get"
"I have a great respect for the religious right ... and a great respect for people of faith"
"I'm a fan of George Bush, I think he had a conviction, personal principles that require him to answer someone else when he went to bed at night... I don't see the same kind of reverence in some of our other recent presidents, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton included. That gives me comfort as a citizen, knowing that my president is going to bed answering to a higher power ... I really respect that"

In conclusion, I'm giving Ms. Cupp an award.

**Most Unconvincing and Worst Atheist Ever!**


  1. Lol. She's hot.

    I've heard some Christians chide 'backsliders' (you for example KJ and potentially me haha) saying "oh they were never a true Christian then! True Christians wouldn't lose faith!"

    Never thought of the same response coming from the other way side though! Haha. "oh they were never a true atheist then! True atheists wouldn't find faith!"

  2. Sure she's an 'atheist' if what she's saying is true. But she's by no means an intelligent one. By those quotes you can see what I mean by saying she's not a very convincing atheist.
    If she miraculously converts in several years time we'll know though. If she doesn't I wouldn't really care. She's just another ignorant republican, just not a fundamentalist Christian one! haha.

  3. Hypothetical question: What if Richard Dawkins became at least a deist?

  4. Anthony Flew became a deist a while back. It doesn't really change much though. It's entirely their prerogative to believe whatever they want. As far as I know Flew didn't become a deist for rational reasons, so his 'conversion' didn't really have any effect on anything.

  5. I couldn't make it through the Bill Mahr video. I think you're spot on with your comparison of her to Palin, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear her publicist and handlers are intentionally doing so.

    What drives me battiest about Cupp most of all was something Mahr address almost as soon as she opened her word hole: she doesn't have courage in her convictions. She's constantly writhing around trying to find herself in a position that won't offend anyone.

    How is it possible as atheist to *not* offend? By merely existing we are violating numerous theist "god-given" laws; we are an affront to the thing the hold most dear and true.

    She's either a coward or a dip shit. Either way, I don't like that she's representing us in the media right now. Mr. Dawkins, please write another book and dislodge Cupp from the spotlight.

  6. Her position seems so conflicted to me.. She's got 2 feet on the atheist side of the fence, but she's got her whole body hanging over onto the theist side.

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  8. Fuck off Dennis, you're a deranged psychopath.

  9. This woman's an intellectual coward and a moron. Your prediction that she'll drop the other shoe and go Fundie seems logical considering her path. Ugh.

  10. Fundie atheists doing the 'no true atheist' fallacy LOL

  11. "Fundie atheists doing the 'no true atheist' fallacy LOL"

    There is no such thing as a fundamentalist Atheist.