Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The 10 Atheist Recommendations

I stumbled upon this rather humorous rendition of the 10 commandments.

1 – Do not have any God
2 – Do not worship a false idol
3 – Worship no God before knowledge of him
4 – Make no wrongful claim to mislead others
5 – Observe the 7th day to recover from the 6th night
6 – Honour your Father and Mother, unless they are neglectful or abusive, in which case you shall call Social Services.
7 – You shall not murder
8 – You shall not commit adultery – without adequate protection
9 – Don’t take shit
10 – Don’t hassle your neighbour. Unless he’s a dick.

I think number 5 should be changed to "Observe the 7th and 1st day to recover from the 6th and 7th nights". It is a little more wordy but I like to relax on the weekends!


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