Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Atheist Fundies

So far my Friday Fundies posts have only been from Christians, so in the interest of balance I'll do an atheist one. I definitely wouldn't call this person a fundamentalist atheist, but most certainly would call them arrogant/militant/angry/bigoted. The person I'm talking about is 'Human Ape' who commented on my post about Theistic Evolution. I removed his comments from the page, since he primarily came here to promote his blog, and is now censoring all dissenting comments on his own blog.

Here are some quotes from him.
"Most definitely Christianity is a mental illness, and unfortunately this disease is usually incurable. If a brainwashed child is still a Christian retard at age 21, he or she will always be a retard."
"By the way Christian morons, how does this heaven business work?
If I understand your cowardly belief correctly, your soul (whatever that is) magically flies up to the clouds (or who knows where) and then magically transforms itself into your disgusting dead body, except that now you're alive again, living in some magical place infested with other Christian idiots like yourselves. Jeebus must be waving his magic wand like crazy to make this bullshit work. And your magical selves live forever in this fantasy land, for trillions and trillions of years. Long after the entire universe goes extinct, you're still alive playing with your harp, bored out of your fucking mind."
From my experience trying to dialogue with him over the last day it is quite obvious that he's not interested in any kind of discussion about anything. He's not open to any new ideas and instead of taking criticism like an adult, he resorts to ad-hom attacks like this
"Wait a fucking minute. You call yourself an atheist and you think atheists have beliefs? You're worse than an atheist wimp. You're a fake atheist."
 Instead of listening to my reply to that, he just censored my comments and called me a wimp again. Bravo 'Human Ape'... You just proved that you're exactly what you claim everyone else is. He's so afraid of opposing views that he censors them and then insults them.

Not only is his insult vocabulary incredibly small (so it gets very tedious very fast) but his blog is an eye-sore. It's nearly as bad as jesus-is-savior.

So, if you are mildly interested in seeing the obnoxious rants of a self professed asshole atheist, be my guest. Here's a link to his blog.


  1. It really is embarrassing to see guys like this. While I've never seen his blog before, I don't plan to view it in the future and I certainly won't promote him in any way. Just like I made a point about earlier, you can't make bold claims without support and silence those who disagree. It's just asshole-ish and severely undermines your entire position. I can't respect people like that, even if they are correct.

  2. Exactly the reason I made this post. I much prefer a well-reasoned argument to a pigheaded insult competition.

  3. "Wait a fucking minute. You call yourself an atheist and you think atheists have beliefs? You're worse than an atheist wimp. You're a fake atheist."


  4. OK, so I quickly read through some of this guy's posts. His blog, he can say what he wants, but I won't be going back. A wee too much lunacy going on in that fella's brain.

  5. I do not care for his language or insults. But - he made one good point which make all atheist philosophers + Freud: being religious is a mental illness and is a form of ignorance. To believe in God (any kind) is in direct opposition to common intelligence.

  6. I agree with most if not all of the things he says to a degree, but it's just the arrogance he shows in everything he has written. He's the stereotypical 'angry atheist', which is something I try to avoid being intentionally.

  7. KJ, did you post the link to his site with the tag that stops it from being counted by google etc.?

    Can't remember it off the top of my head but it's useful when you want to link to someone with out bumping a site up the search engines.

  8. Nah I didn't even know about that. People can visit his website if they want, it's entirely their prerogative. All I wanted to do was expose him for the stubborn bigot that he is.