Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Fundies!

Here's a great one from a question on Yahoo Answers 2 years ago.

Quote# 36536

Atheists are completely illogical because they only know to use reasoning and logic.

That's not logical. Should use the bible instead.


I don't think this requires an explanation, as it is quite obvious that the person who wrote this doesn't have a functional brain. I have suspicions that they may in fact be a Poe, but I wouldn't put it past a mentally deficient fundy to say something like this.

Here's another quote from the same Yahoo Answers thread

"Atheists do not read the Bible. They don't believe in God. Every atheist believes we evolved from apes...Darwin's theory. We came from Adam and Eve...not Adam and Steve."


  1. What's a Poe?

    Also, WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK THAT FUCKINGLY FUCKS FUCKERS IN THE FUCKHOLE? Sorry for the excessive F-wording, but that level of stupidity more than justifies it IMFO.

  2. Oh wow. If god is real he really doesn't like giving people brains.