Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Catholicism = Ancestor Worship

I was sent a link to a video on Fox about a woman claiming that prayer cured her cancer. Here's the thing though, she wasn't praying to god. She was praying to a French priest who died nearly 200 years ago. It seems pretty obvious to me that there was no miracle involved here at all. She recovered from a tumor, great news for her. She prayed to a dead priest to heal her? WTF! Nowhere in the bible are believers instructed to pray to dead humans. Catholicism is stupid.



  1. Like you said, I'm pleased she recovered, but praying for help at all, let alone to some long dead priest? What about the doctor(s) who are actually responsible? *Facepalm*

  2. If I was a doctor that frequently performed life-saving surgery, I would be inclined to put question patients first and say:
    "If you are planning to attribute your recovery to a god or to a dead human, please leave and go to a homeopath."

  3. This reminds of some facebook friends talking about a car that was stolen and was just recovered. "the power of prayer!" "thankyou Jesus!" "prayers answered, shot god!" Umm guys hate to burst your bubble it was the police that found the car, not god..