Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scientologist Relativism

So I thought I'd take another look at Scientology again, and dissect one single thing on their website.

This time, it's a video called "What Scientologists say about Scientology"

The video is fairly generic and consists mostly of headshots of smiling people talking about helping people. No specific details about Scientology besides "helping you" are mentioned in this video, so on an intellectual level it isn't very convincing at all. It is quite obvious that they are playing the emotional card here, ambient background music in a major key and smiling people saying motivational things in very colloquial language, to relate to the average viewer... I think you get the point. Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention that there are a lot of good looking people in the video. I think it's time we looked at a quote from the video.
"Once they see it they can actually be like 'Oh Scientology that's... oh I didn't know it was like that I thought it was something else' and you're like yah, it's not it just helps you that's all it does that's what it's there for."
You can see what I mean by the colloquial language.. The young man quoted here has a giant smile on his face while he's saying this, and is talking enthusiastically in a very friendly-sounding voice.

 Many of the people in the video talk about aid-work in places like New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, and ground zero in New York, saying "Scientologists were there", as if that is some kind of reason to become a Scientologist. Great, some Scientologists helped some people. There are millions of Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus every day that help people too, should we join all of those religions too?

What really grinded my gears was when these quotes started popping up all over the place "What you believe is what you believe", "Whatever is true for you is true for you", "Whether you're Christian, Baptist, Buddhist, Scientologist" and "I think everybody has the right to decide for themselves, and believe what makes sense and helps them through life". This kind of modern religious relativism is not just an innocuous fad. It seems to be spreading like a plague, and needs to be gutted like a fish.

"True for you" or "True to me" is an abhorrent application of the word 'true' and it should be plainly obvious to anyone that has a functioning brain. Here is the first definition offered on
adverb, verb

1.being in accordance with the actual state or conditions; conforming to reality or fact; not false: a true story.
Forgive me for stating the obvious, but contradictory claims can NOT both be true. Religions that present contradictory world-views can NOT both be true. How do religious relativists not realise this? You can't have it both ways, either your religion is true and theirs isn't or vice versa. Perhaps these people are missing an important part of their brain that allows people to smell bullshit. Maybe they missed some important lessons growing up, when you teach a child the difference between blue and red, yes and no, black and white etc.

What I find particularly ironic is the part of that last quote "believe what makes sense", considering Scientology makes absolutely no sense at all.

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  1. Scientology is plenty whacky... but what really makes me lol is how christians etc scoff and laugh at it... like their beliefs are any less bizarre :D